Upper Bhavani Lake

A Beautiful Place To Visit At Ooty
Upper Bhavani Lake
Upper Bhavani Lake

Upper Bhavani Lake, Ooty can make for the memories of a lifetime with its sheer beauty. With the entire area being declared as a reserved wildlife area, the drive up to the lake is equally enchanting. The blue Nilgiris that stand out at the horizon by the lake make the sight look like some postcard that's nothing less than picture perfect. One touch and the postcard may go smudge at the touch - such is the beauty of this place.  The dam at the Upper Bhavani Lake provides water for irrigation and more to the region around. Owing to its proximity to Mukurthi National Park, the area around the lake is a habitat to species like wolves, jackals, wild dogs, tigers and more. Thus, apart from the wondrous beauty of the place, it's a great attraction for the adventure lovers too.

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